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Unique Engaging String Ideas

Our string ensembles provide classical or modern sounds that can add elegance to any event. The latest trend this season has been to add 'Bridgerton style' strings with current pop songs for the modern clients. The classics, however, are still just as beautiful, such as 'Ave Maria' by Gounod or Schubert. See below which style may fit each celebration the best.




Girl power is what this group is all about. Joining forces to reimagine radio hits and turning them into beautiful string arrangements. This group is perfect for wedding ceremony. This fantastic modern string ensemble is perfect for today’s audiences. This all female group astonishingly talented musicians specializes in pop violin music and offer a mix of edgy violin covers of chart-topping artists and all-time favorites.



Our string trio/quartet adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any part of your wedding day. They set the mood for your wedding with the romantic sound of strings. The combination of these highly trained and experienced string players creating gorgeous music together live in front of you is pretty much unbeatable for charm and class.

They can play as your guests arrive before your wedding, they can serenade you down the aisle, and provide the soundtrack for you to parade out as newly-weds too.

If you want classical elegant songs such as Ave Maria or A Thousand Years, this group has a wide range of songs to choose from.



Maybe you want to keep an intimate wedding ceremony feeling intimate by having just one professional musician, like a string soloist to entertain your guests. It’s pretty much proven that a solo musician can make your event feel extraordinary, either by lending to the intimacy or grandeur of your event. A solo musician can be a great alternative to a wedding band.

Featuring a solo string musician, may it be a harpist, cellist or violinist, is a great idea for a wedding ceremony. Doing something a bit out of the ordinary is a good way to convey just how much you appreciate your guests.

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