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Dance Bands

Classic hits, new and vintage are what this band really impresses with. Led by the CEO of DWP this band is the most experienced band in the company that unfolds to a full 18 member orchestra if needed.

DWP Orchestra
DWP Orchestra
Kesington Band
Kesington Band

Hot on the pulse of all the hits! This 8- 10member electric high energy dance band does it all and puts on a show. 

Mowtown Funk Band
Motown Funk Band

Covering songs from our favorite motown, disco, funk and soul  artists. This  Motown funk band is for the vintage / retro music lovers

Mash-up Band Modern

Mash-up Band Modern blends the beats of a DJ with vocals and musicians on the hottest hits on the radio! 6-7 members 

Dance-band-Evolution Band
Evolution Band

A 6-8 member band that specializes in many decades of music. From jazz standards to current radio hits, Evolution is the perfect playlist party band.

The Elites 

Philadelphia and New Jersey-based high energy dance band. Playing all the very top popular hits in the world. 7-8 members

Mash-up Band Classic

The perfect blend of DJ original songs with live musicians and singers to give it an extra level of entertainment Mash-up Band Classic can be just a band, Just a DJ, or both.

Jazz Ensembles

Bon Bon Vie Jazz Ensemble
Bon Bon Vie

In the style of classic vintage jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaugha. Bon Bon vie is a small 5 member ensemble with elegance.

DWP Jazz Ensemble
DWP Jazz

Modern popular songs with a jazzy twist! We also play classic jazz as well. This group comes as a classic 3 but a singer can be added as well.

Beaute et Musique Jazz Ensemble
Beaute et Musique

4 member ensemble with a sultry female voice and piano player as the lead. If you're into RnB, jazz, and pop hits. This is for you.

String Ensembles

String Trio-Quartet
String Trio/ Quartet

If you want classical elegant songs such as Ave Maria or A Thousand years. This group has a wide range of songs to choose from. 

La Femme Strings
Le Femme Strings

Girl power is what this group is all about. Joining forces to reimagine radio hits and turning them into beautiful string arrangements.

Vocal Groups

Untouchable Angels Choir
Untouchable Angels Choir

Let the heavenly sound of these voices together take you to church! 6 - 20  vocal members with music tracks 

Acapella Group in New York City
Acapella group

With the ability to roam and serenade guests this Acapella group can cover classic doo-wop to current radio hits. 6-8 members 


DJ Dubbz-East-Coast-DJ
DJ Anthony Vera

Known for his NYC club experiences and high profile celebrity gigs . DJ Dubbz has the unique experience of knowing the right music for a wedding, NYC nightclub or arena. An all around party starting DJ

DJ Valissa-East-Coast-DJ
DJ Vaslisa Yo

Dj Valisa is so versatile yet a classic Disco Queen at the same time. She loves to play Disco and funk hits while effortlessly putting on a show as she dances in the booth.

DJ Jay Sample-East-Coast-DJ
DJ Jay Sample

Jay Sample is a staple in the Miami nightlife and social scene. Known for his international sound he is the most versatile DJ for any event.

DJ Ecussionist-East-Coast-DJ
DJ Ecussionist

As both a DJ and drummer, The Ecussionist became a Facebook sensation from his subway viral videos. Watch him as he switches from Dj’ ing to playing the drums. UNREAL!!!

DJ Lohrasp

As a DJ, he has performed more than 5000 shows in over 34 countries at many world-renowned nightclubs and venues.

DJ Impact

Specialty Performers

Humanoid Robots Specialty Performer
Humanoid Robots

These interactive performers can be placed anywhere to greet you, dance with you, or take a couple of od selfies and passing out drinks or food.

Carnival Dancers Specialty Performer
Carnival Dancers

 In the true style of Carnival from Brazil, Jamaica, and in the US. This dance group comes with full costumes and is 2 up to 8 dancers

Aerialist Specialty Performer

This amazing gravity-defying act will have anyone entertained while in mid-air

Mirrored Dancers Specialty Performers
Mirrored Dancers

A literal dancing reflection of you and all your guests. A very eye-catching interactive group that can dance in a pair of 2 and go to 4. 

Brass Band.jpg
Brass Band

From a traditional 2nd line New Orleans style to an all-out party with modern hits. This brass band is a 5 member powerhouse fun pack

Drum Core Specialty Performer
Drum Core

The ultimate entrance and showstopper group. Our drum core comes as a lineup of 5 -15 members. Guaranteed to take any event up a few notches.

LED Butterfly Stilts Nevada Image4.jpeg
LED Butterfly

With wings that gently swish and matching LED insect antenna inspired headpieces, this walkabout entertainment option never fails to draw a crowd

Vintage Beach Ladies Image7.jpeg
Beach Greeters

Friendly and cheerful, they can welcome guests at your party, pose for photos, walk down the runaway at your fashion show, etc.

Step Team

Small Ensembles

Sax, Violin, Piano Small Ensemble
Sax, Piano, and Violin

This trio is the ultimate luxe experience. Covering classical, gospel, jazz, pop, and custom arrangements.

String and Sax Small Ensemble
String and Sax

A simple duo that can play both acoustically and with backing tracks. For small intimate or larger events as well.

JC Band Small Ensemble
JC Band

Like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or Maroon 5, the JC band performs rock, pop and modern hits with a 4 member all guy band.

Beat Suite

Beat Suite is a Beatbox led quartet ensemble that performs recognizable  hip-hop, r&b , pop and soul instrumentals. Instrumentation is comprised of human beatbox, violin, keys and trombone w/ looping pedals. This project is always a crowd-pleaser and has been featured at The Four Seasons, Marquee and as an opening performance for Hip Hop recording artist Talib Kweli.

ivy molasses.png
Ivy Molasses Band
Dance Band
String Ensemble
Vocal Group
Specialty Performers

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