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  • How do you organize internationally?
    Because we’ve taken years to develop our connections globally we can reach out to our contacts directly first. We then have one of our event managers present for every step of the planning performance process to promise luxury.
  • Is there an extra fee if the event is outside the country?
    Yes there is an extra fee if the entertainment is from another country than the one where the event is taking place. If you choose one of our options from that country there is no extra fee
  • Do DWP shoulder the transportation cost if the event is within the country?
    Yes we do shoulder the cost. All of if will be added into your final cost that we will take care of.
  • Do you select the songs?
    You select songs from our songlist and anything additional we can learn. That is what we do best!
  • Can we request songs?
    Yes! You can even submit a ‘DO NOT PLAY’list
  • How many hours would you play in an event?
    Average is 2-4hours
  • Can I request for more than one band?
    Yes you can. In fact our clients usually request a smaller ensemble/DJ or specialty performer to warm up guests up and another for the main event.
  • What are the requirements for equipment? Or do you bring your own?
    We bring all sound on our own for consistency. Or we can work with another reputable company that we must approve.
  • Can I schedule a sound test before my event?
    Yes you can
  • Something came up during our event day, can I reschedule?"
    Yes. But first check with us to see if we are available for a new date.
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