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Saxophone Player

"Our artists can really do most things musically and have done it all around the globe for many
different luxury events and celebrations. It keeps performing exciting for us

Our Beginning

In 2011 DWP started off with just one band called Winstons Crew Collective, performing at nightclubs in downtown New York City. After becoming buzzed about the band in the nightlife scene, the band was tapped to provide multiple entertainment agencies a more modern spin on the “wedding band”. Since then DWP has expanded into 15 plus bands, that range from jazz, pop modern hits, Motown, classical, reggae and RnB music. Having access to many musicians and performers DWP has also expanded into territories globally as a trusted resource of affordable luxury entertainment. After gaining a reputation for live music, the next venture was naturally combining DJ’s and live musicians together for the ultimate experience based on loving mashups. And even that sparked inspiration to add live specialty performers and dancers to the Live Factory.

Who we are

DWP Live factory stands for Dannis Winston Presents the Live Factory.
Founder, Recording Artist and self-proclaimed music-obsessed Dannis Winston used his skill of bandleading and connecting to other fellow musicians to develop a unique collection of artists dubbed the Live Factory.

As an accomplished Events Music Agency with international reach, DWP Live Factory creates music experiences for clients wanting above average. Our musical groups, bands, and ensembles have a unique way of dressing up your occasion with sounds and visual experiences. We use our Music Entertainment Design concept to fill the space and your ears with music crafted for the occasion.

Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Musician

"Bringing together each generation through music"

What we do

We consider your unique chosen playlist and pick the music to go along with the decor, venue, food, and special moments of your event. Allow our music to create a soundtrack in each space.

Why us?

Our love for music will always show at your event. We practice before each event to ensure you and your guests will hear and feel quality music every time. We always aim that every people who are present at the event will always remember it through the songs we played. 

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