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The Best Songs To Propose With

We know you are gathering some information about what song you can play during your wedding proposal. One of the most crucial parts is selecting the perfect song to be played while you ask her/him the big question. We are all aware that the song you'll play for the wedding proposal will always be remembered and might be one of the songs you'll dance to at the wedding reception. So let us not keep you waiting, here are some of the best songs to ask your hired musicians to play live during your proposal date.

A couple of Forevers - Chrisette Michele

Singing this song or having this song played by a singer for your partner is like a vow recited through music. Every lyric of this song is a promise of love through thick or thin. Just imagine you pulling out the ring and the singer sings these lines:

"Me and you, I look like I might

Nothing can stop love from love

And our love

You know I'm not asking for much

Just a couple of forevers

A couple of forever"

I'm sure you'll hear the sweetest yes to forever!

A thousand years - Cristina Perri

If you want to make him/her cry have "A Thousand Years" on your wedding proposal song list. The melody and lyrics of this song are perfect for a wedding proposal and especially on weddings. This has been a very popular song so even if it is played only by string ensembles it will be recognized immediately.

All of me - John Legend

This song is inspired by John Legend's love for his then Fiance and now-wife Chrissy Teigen. The song is very simple but has very impactful words that can summarize your feelings in one song.

Bad Romance - Lady gaga

I know you might think hey how is this a proposal song? Well, there are different kinds of love in this world. Bad Romance show love that accepts love and revenge. This can also be a good song for the surprise flash mob.

Best part - Daniel Ceasar ft Her

Probably one of the sweetest things to hear is that you are needed like a coffee. Best Part gives us a good comparison and idea of what true and unconditional love is. Playing this song after you asked the question to have a little dance will surely complete the day.

Better together - Luke Combs

Better together gives your partner a glimpse of how you and your partner are inseparable. Having this song played by your hired singer will set the mood.

Can’t help falling in love - Crazy Rich Asians style

This song is perfect for couples who fell in love hard and fast. Can't help falling In Love summarizes the feeling of falling fast for someone. If this song is played on the wedding proposal day all you have to do is hire a good musician and singer, and then you are all set!

For you - Kenny Latimore

This song will touch any women/men's heart once you sing it to them right before you pop the question.

God must of spent a little more time - Nsync

God must have spent a little more time on you is one of the smoothest ways to say they are perfect. This is a perfect song to sing during engagement to let her/him know that for you she/he is perfect.

I swear - All 4 one

A promise of love. I Swear is a song that can send the message right away. Having this song play live as background music while you ask the question will make everything romantic.

Let’s stay together - Al Green

The best way to use this song is to hire a musician and sing this song to your partner live. Have a little fun performing with a Jazz ensemble before you ask the question.

Make you feel my love - Adele

Make You Feel My Love by Adele will surely touch your partner once it is played for them. Nothing is sweeter than offering yourself as a home to the person you love. You can even use some of its lyrics during the wedding proposal

Marry you - Bruno Mars

Who wouldn't get a hint if your partner hear this song? This is one of the many favorite songs to play for flash mobs and surprise proposals.

Nothing really matters - Lauryn Hill and D’angelo

On bended knee - Boyz to men

Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Perfect by Ed Sheeran needs no explanation why it makes it on our list. This song perfectly summarizes how one in love person sees their special someone. Have a musician and a singer serenade both of you while you slow dance and ask the question.

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

The right song to have your hired singer sing while you pull off an upbeat surprise proposal.

Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud is a song that promises unending love. This song gives the couple a glimpse of what love is from start to unending one. It is better to sing it personally to your partner because the lyrics to this song are one of the most romantic ones.

When a man loves a woman - Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge's When a Man Loves A Woman is a good background song while the man is on one knee and is asking the question. The song sets the mood wedding engagement event.

XO - Beyonce

Xo by Beyonce is the perfect song to gather all the videos and pictures you have with your partner and have compiled. Let her watch it and by the end of the song, you can say your speech or ask him/her to marry you right away.

You are the sunshine of my life - Stevie Wonder

You are the sunshine of my life gives the person you love a glimpse of how you see them. Just like the songs it can be sung by a singer while you slow dance or you can sing it yourself to your partner before you ask the question.

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