9 of the best 90’s throwback songs for any party

Updated: Jan 24

Some of us prefer to dance and sing along with 90s music. Our reasons might be different. Some are more fond of the 90's songs, some grew up with it, and we all know music can bring back all those memories. But who wouldn't love the 90's music, right? So we have here some of the best 90's songs to play at parties and events.

1. Believe - Cher

Try to not sing this song when it comes on, I DARE YOU! Anybody that was alive in the ’90s couldn’t escape this song in any club, shopping mall, or local radio station. This song gets any crowd happy and doing “the Cher” voice. And who would have forgotten this iconic song that made its artist Cher the oldest solo female artist to top the Billboard Hot 100. Talk about a midnight success! Watch this video and see what we mean by it.

Band: The Kensington Band - DWP Live Factory

2. Wanna be - Spice Girls

One of the best song intros ever written and instantly recognizable. This is the song that will remind you that friendship is and will always be more important than a lover. A lot of people seem to agree with this song because whenever one of our bands play this song, We see all the inner Sporty, Baby, Posh, Scary, and Ginger spices come out

Band: DWP Orchestra

3. This is how we do it - Montell Jordan

Just the first few lyrics of this song will get any dance floor packed we promise. This song will give you all the reason to give that ‘90s groove a go!

4. Groove is in the heart - Dee Lite

There is just something about that bassline and an infectious beat that says it’s time to “act a fool” and try every dance move you’ve ever learned. There is no wonder why it climbed the chart right away. And have you seen its psychedelic music video? I’m sure that will also drive you to dance to the song

5. Motown Philly - Boyz II Men Just a 90’s party classic period. Try and deny it.

6. Poison - Bel Viv De Voe

I’m pretty sure this song invented the 90’s house party genre right? But the fun fact. Did you know this is the group’s first big hit and the song was actually a letter of the composer to his ex-girlfriend? That letter turned out to be this song another single called She’s Dope.

7. Fantasy - Mariah Carey

I love this song so much for a few reasons. First, it brings generations together because of that famous sample from the Tom Toms Club 1981 hit ‘Genius of Love’ & the second because Old Dirty Bastards feature is just classic 90’s hip hop.

8. Vogue - Madonna

This song was the world’s best-selling single for the year 1990. It sold over 6 million copies. She created an LGBTQ anthem that will never ever die. A historic moment and gives everyone permission to attempt the famous Vogue “Strike a pose”.

9. Together again - Janet Jackson

This video, her style, the dance moves! And the slow dramatic musical intro will have any Janet fan singing like they’re in the shower. But this song has a deeper meaning because this song was actually written as a tribute to her friend who died of AIDS.

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