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4 Unique Ways To Propose

We know you are planning for that perfect proposal. You want to make it as unique and as romantic as possible without breaking the bank. Trust us we understand you and we want to salute you for really giving that effort. So here are four sweet, unique, and affordable ways to propose to your special someone.

1. Original song

If you really want to have your proposal talked about for years write down how you feel and have a musician make something custom. It can be simple as one instrument and vocals or a fully produced track. Check out this rapper creating a song from an instrumental beat and a 3-course romantic dinner.

2. Hire an undercover singer or musician

You’ve seen the classic way of having a singer come over to a dinner table a d sing while someone is being proposed to. (Still always a swoon moment) But to make it even better, hire a musician to pretend to be a waiter or a long-lost friend you haven’t seen in a while or a street musician. This will keep the surprise and add even more romance once the music starts going.

3. Have a prerecorded performance that mentions your soon to be’s name at the end of the song

You can contact a wedding entertainment company to do something simple that looks like a YouTube or Facebook cover artist but make it unique

4. Hidden flash mob of musicians

Now, this takes a little more planning, but when done right it takes your proposal to the stratosphere! See how it was done on the movie “Love Actually” here:

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